Thirteen-year-old boy, blond hair, light blue eyes, fair.


Virtue: Hope Vice: Sloth Path: Acanthus 5" 1" 90# Nimbus: Too many shadows
Int: 3 +Fate 0 Health 6
Wits: 3 -Forces 0 Will 5
Res: 2 Life 2 Gnosis 1
Str: 1 Spirit 1 Mana 7
Dex: 3 +Time 3 Wisdom 7
Sta: 2
Pre: 1 Size 4
Man: 4 Speed 9
Com: 3 Def 3
Init Mod 6
Academics 1 Familiar 4
Crafts 1 Extemporaneous Affinity 1
Medicine 1 Allies: Negro soldiers 1
Occult 1 English 1
Fast Reflexes 1
Athletics 2
Brawl 1
Firearms 1
Stealth 3
Survival 1

Animal Ken 1
Empathy 1
Expression 3
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2


Birth name Wolfram Karl Jäger. DOB 03/21/1932 (Yes, 03/20-21/32 was the night of the equinox), only child of Florian Jäger and Clothilde Jäger née Jacobs.

Both of his parents were from the lower ranks of the Junker class. Wolfram’s maternal grandparents have their own farm in Saxony-Anhalt and lease as much acreage again to other farmers. His father’s family are Junkers in the sense of prosperity (somewhere between middleclass and upper-middleclass), not in the sense of owning land. The extended Jäger family lives in and near München. According to his mother, Wolfram is Saxon on her side of the family, while his father’s people were originally Rhinelanders (some distant cousins still live there). Wolfram is comfortable with a number of German dialects as a result.

Herr Jäger, a businessman who kept late hours, died in one of those senseless accidents that never appear in fiction. Arriving home late one winter night, he slipped on the steep, iced-over steps of his townhouse, struck his head, and was found dead some hours later by a patrol officer. Wolfram was not quite five at the time (early winter, 1936).

Frau Jäger subsequently married München Symphony violinist Manfred Kohl, who then adopted Wolfram. In 1939, Herr Kohl was taken away to prison. Frau Kohl moved herself and her son to Berlin, which was closer to her parents and, for greater safety, began using the last name “Jäger” again, for herself and for Wolfram. She kept sending Wolfram to stay with her parents in the country. Wolfram kept making his way back home. Eventually, she realized the kid would not be kept away, and of course he was safer with her than traveling about by himself. After he realized how much it upset her, Wolfram ceased trying to tell her about some of the strange adventures he had while journeying home…

Frau Kohl took up nursing during the War, and managed to keep herself and her son remarkably well and safe, considering, until the final days. She was badly injured during the earliest part of the Fall of Berlin, but was luckily taken to a still-functioning hospital where she was known to at least some of the personnel. Wolfram began living on the streets, sometimes with friends (fellow “Swing Kids” wanna-bes, for the most part), since he didn’t dare go home for fear of being press-ganged into the Volkssturm.

Wolfram became Awakened during the most violent night of the Battle of Berlin, which he apparently spent in some fae version of Berlin (castles, trees, dragons, etc.). During this bizarrely long night, Wolfram acquired his familiar, an embodied spirit (a female black-with-silver-markings Wolfspitz) named Wildfang.

Upon returning to the “real” world, Wolfram discovered female patients had been evacuated from the hospital where his mother was (due to what was known of the approaching Soviet soldiers), and no one there could tell him whether she had died or gone with the evacuation. Once the city had definitely fallen, Wolfram returned home, where he encountered Herr Kohl, who had escaped from Sachsenhausen.


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