In Iron Rent


A Gordian Knot

2 experience, 2 arcane experience

At the Admiralpalast…
An unnamed luminary from the Gateless Road presents to the Silver Ladder their newest charge, String. Soon following is der Bankhalter, who receives the same polite welcome, before they are seated to hear the latest news. The Western Allied powers are taking their places according to the Potsdam Agreements, and the Russians are falling back to their own assigned sectors, taking with them looted industrial machinery, baubles, and wealth. The Soviets are also slow-walking humanitarian aid into Berlin. When the news concludes, the meeting breaks up, with the Bluhenden, the Hierarch of Berlin, briefly conversing with the two acolytes. String presses her on aid for refugee children, and is told to ask for specific aid. Der Bankhalter recognizes her as Adelheid Schoenkopf, an industrialist’s widow he once knew prewar. Before they leave, Goldenstar gives the two instructions to go meet the Giant, another Acanthus, also of the Gateless Road, who might be able to aid them in forming a cabal.

On the eastern outskirts of Berlin…
Dirge stumbles through the dark edge of the city, looking for a place to rest. He can hear the stomping of soldiers’ boots seemingly all around him. A bombed-out house beckons, and he creeps into its cellar for the night. He wakes up to a woman watching him in the darkness. She screams “vagrant!” and swings a heavy stick at him, only for it to pass harmlessly through him. Dirge plies the ghost with sympathy, offering a service in return for hospitality, and she mutters that she is waiting for her son Franz Schumacher to return from the eastern front, before fading.
The next morning, Dirge heads out, tired, but as close to home as he has been for the entirety of the troubles. Dodging many Russian patrols, he finally staggers to a halt in front of the home of his missing wife and stepson.

More to come. Sleepy…


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