The Orders

The Adamantine Arrow

The mainstay of the Ungula Draconis is concentrated in the Dusk Lamasery. The remainder dot the Gemeinderat, sparse in the aftermath of WWII.

The Free Council

The ideological stock that feeds the Council has been tapped and slaughtered in Nazi Germany and wartorn Europe. In Berlin, the Gateless Road still maintains itself as a Libertine cabal, and has apprenticed at least three willworkers who adopted the Order as their own. The Council is conservative compared to much of their brethren on the continent, which has been swept by a wave of radicalism in recent months. Crushed by the incidentals of the Third Reich, the German Free Councils are just a shadow of their former glory, picked clean of the dissidents that defined them.

The Guardians of the Veil

The Guardians have gone underground since the turn of the decade. Many blame the occult trappings and aspirations of some Nazis on the Guardians’ Labyrinth, and they are not wrong to do so. Yet the occultism was not the principle crime of the party. Fairer critics point to the Nazis persecution and usurpation of Freemason lodges as a devastating blow to Germany’s willworkers, depriving them of suitable retainers, allies, and apprentices. Few of these critics mention that the teeming Masonic community was also part of the Labyrinth as well, and that the Visus Draconis probably lost as much as the other orders did.

The Mysterium

Of all the Pentacle orders, the Mysterium probably fared the best. Germany was at the forefront of archaeology and history, and took advantage of the nation’s adventurism to study and secure artifacts and relics from Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The order was probably the last to abandon Hitler’s regime, and even that took the destruction of Berlin’s Athenaeum by Allied bombing to sour them on Nazism. The primary thrust of the Mysterium since the end of the war is to rebuild the Athenaeum and reclaim the lost artifacts. The Lodge of Smoke and Honey leads this effort, under the guidance of the Hellenische, the newly named Curator. To the Mysterium’s chagrin, the Ruling Council, whose members were entrusted to keep the most dangerous artifacts, have obstructed recognition of the new Athenaeum, Curator, and named Censors in a blatant ploy to keep their prizes.

The Silver Ladder

The Ladder remains the leading order in Berlin. Their rivals have been purged, driven underground, or discredited, leaving few to contest their authority. Unfortunately, the thearchs also know that this should not be the case. In Berlin, the Bluhenden rules as Hierarch, and her cabal-mate Wister administrates as Deacon. Despite the solid grip the Ladder has on Berlin, and reportedly most of Germany, the leadership of the Vox Draconis labors under the sensation that they are kings in check. The march of the Russians on the Eastern Front brings with it Seer infiltration and domination, and the atrocities revealing themselves across the former Reich lure the corrupt spirits and Scelesti in. There may not be enough capable willworkers to handle the challenges ahead.

The Orders

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