Journal of Otto Welser

This page holds the private journal entries of the player character Otto Welser. The information in this journal is not public to the other characters, but I’ve left it public to the other players on the off chance they’re interested in reading it.

Please note that this is an in-character journal and as such has deliberate inaccuracies, and reflects the views of the character, not the player. While Otto is not grotesquely racist or sexist he’s a man of a different time, and his attitudes towards race, sex, and sexuality reflect the mores of that time.

All dates are tentative, estimated, and subject to change.

Session 1: Tying the Gordian Knot

Friday, July 27th, 1945
Saturday, July 28th, 1945

Session 2 & 3: Rodents of Unusual Size

Sunday, July 29th, 1945

Journal of Otto Welser

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