Der Gemeinderat

Die Charta

Die Deklaration

We of the undersigned Cabals declare for Berlin a Pact of mutual respect and protection from this signing until the regaining of the Realms Supernal. Let no magus undo what has been done here, nor any signatory fail to uphold or avenge the Pact as it has been set forth here. Wherever the borders of Berlin reach, so too does this Pact, and all magi are bound to this Pact while inside Berlin, whether or not they submit to its authority.

Der Erste Artikel

The Lex Magica shall be held as the law of Berlin, except as amended by a majority of the councilors of the Gemeinderat. The Gemeinderat has no authority to command or retaliate against a magus who has upheld these laws.

Der Zweite Artikel

The Gemeinderat shall be governed by five councilors. Each cabal shall choose a councilor from their own number to serve for a term lasting no longer than five years. If the cabals of the Gemeinderat number less than five, the Hierarch may nominate any magus to be seated as a councilor, pending the confirmation of the remaining councilors. If the cabals of the Gemeinderat number more than five, upon a vacancy or end of a sitting councilor’s term, cabals without a sitting councilor may nominate a single candidate each, and elect one by a popular vote.

Der Dritte Artikel

The council shall choose a Hierarch from among their number, to serve a term no longer than seven years. The Hierarch shall call all meetings of the Gemeinderat, and has authority to summon any magus to an audience with the councilors. The Hierarch shall decide the outcome and correction of all disputes brought before the councilors, unless the other councilors unanimously elect against the Hierarch’s findings.

Der Vierte Artikel

Each councilor shall have right to employ a provost of his or her own choosing, and may call upon the Gemeinderat’s treasury as recompense for the provost’s service.

Der F├╝nfte Artikel

The Hierarch may appoint a Herald, who is subject to dismissal by a majority of the councilors. The Herald must deliver all summonings and decrees of the council to each cabal of the Gemeinderat. With the blessing of the councilors, the Herald may negotiate terms with other Consilii,subject to whatever strictures the Gemeinderat may place upon the negotiations.

Der Sechste Artikel

The Hierarch may appoint a Sentinel, who is subject to dismissal by a majority of the councilors. The Sentinel must enforce the edicts of the Gemeinderat, and may command any cabal to render the services of at least one member, for a duration not exceeding a day per member. No cabal may refuse such a request, but may ask the councilors to overturn or proscribe the Sentinel’s command. The Sentinel shall be held harmless for any damages the Sentinel inflicts in the pursuit of Gemeinderat business, unless the councilors find the Sentinel in error or in malice.

Der Siebte Artikel

Each magus has the right to petition an audience with the councilors of the Gemeinderat to seek arbitration or redress.

Der Achte Artikel

The person, soul, and sanctum of a magus is sacrosanct, and cannot be deprived or violated except by unanimous election by the councilors of the Gemeinderat. The right of the Hierarch to levy judgments, as set forth in der dritte Artikel, shall be considered in accord with this Artikel.

Der Neunte Artikel

The unawakened shall be governed by the laws of the sleeping, save for those in service to the undersigned cabals, who shall have all the rights and privileges reserved for magi. Magi shall receive no protection from the laws of the sleeping.

Der Zehnte Artikel

No magus or cabal bound by this charter may allow an enemy of the Gemeinderat aid or safe passage, else they be considered enemies themselves. Magi in service to Abyss or the Exarchs have declared themselves enemies of magic, and are therefore enemies of the Gemeinderat, as are their servants and allies. The Mad and the Banishers do not abide by the Lex Magica, and are anathema, but may be sponsored for rehabilitation by any cabal of the Gemeinderat.

Signed the 12th of June, 1885, in the Vault of the Masonic Lodge of the Strict Observance, Berlin, by the following magi on behalf of their cabals:

  • Gerthanis of the Wounded Hart
  • Quendassa of the Fiery Key
  • Narrmeister of the Himmlischen Burlesque
  • Loden of the Jenseitig
  • Herr Kohlenstoff of the Lineage of Mountains

Der Gemeinderat

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